Saturday, April 19, 2008

My First Totally Unneccessary Live Blog

Apparently, blogs are becoming quite the rage; more specifically, the live blog. The New York Times website constantly features live blogs of current events--usually presidential debates, or something in the political vein--so that people who can't see them for themselves (or, I guess, don't have a fucking television) can stay updated and in the action.

Some of my colleagues at The Behrend Beacon, our fledgling little weekly newspaper here in Erie, did a little political blogging on the campaign trail this week. They wrote numerous blurbs and posted YouTube clips of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama when they visited our campus, and my man Lenny even did his own little live blog of Obama's rally.

So, earlier today Ferg and I were tossing around some ideas to make tonight interesting, since our social lives and the scene at Behrend have not meshed (because there is no scene, and I apologize for even using the word "scene" in this context. I sound like I'm writing for Pitchfork Media) and we usually just throw down at my apartment. The first thing we talked about was a creation of our own videotaped power hour mix that would consist of us actually singing songs, something we are considerably bad at. Our second idea was to keep a live blog of our activities, and I haven't written anything for a while, so I decided to go with it.

Now, if you're reading this, chances are you don't give a baker's fuck about my social life or what I'm doing tonight, and that's absolutely fine; to be honest, you shouldn't care about me. Live your own life. But, I'm going to do it because maybe some friends of mine will enjoy it, it will be good practice for my internship (where I will apparently be writing a lot for the web), and because we're a few players short tonight. Many of our friends, and my girlfirend, are away at Penn State's main campus this weekend and will probably want to vicariously experience our carousals through this entry.

So, here she is.